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A wind of change is sweeping through vocational training in the Bas-St. Laurent, Gaspésie and Magdalen Islands. The vocational training centers of Eastern Quebec are coming together to develop and maintain high-quality training offerings in each of their communities, benefiting individuals and enhancing the well-being of the entire community.

 This fall, the new Regional Vocational Training Service of Eastern Quebec (RVTSEQ) (Service régional de la formation professionnelle de l’Est-du-Québec - SRFPEQ) will launch a promotional campaign to further promote vocational training in our regions, both here and throughout the province of Quebec and beyond.

According to Mr. Jocelyn Michaud, the director of the RVTSEQ, one of the great strengths of vocational training centers is the many innovative partnerships that have been established over the years.

“This strategic alliance has become necessary to meet the challenges we are currently facing. The proposed model is unique in Quebec; it will allow us to explore new approaches, renew our training options and adapt our methods. We have to be creative. By joining forces, we will add an additional lever to position vocational training advantageously and provide our students with access to a diversified offering nearby.”

Working collectively as a region, the seven school service centers and the Eastern Shores School Board aim to encourage initiatives in each of the communities. This will make it possible to graduate a greater number of students through vocational training.

“It is by unifying our expertise that we can more effectively meet the needs for qualified and certified workers in various sectors of the economy. Now more than ever, it is time to promote vocational training, and more globally the trades” added Mr. Antoine Déry, president of the table of director generals of the school service centers and school board of the Bas-Saint-Laurent, Gaspésie, and the Magdalen Islands.

The Minister of Education, Mr. Bernard Drainville welcomes the launch of the RVTSEQ.

Vocational training is a key part of the future of Quebec. This is especially true for the regions, which must provide attractive training programs and job opportunities. I am convinced that these challenges can be met by the regions participating in this excellent project. Congratulations to everyone involved for the implementation of this initiative; your dynamism will undoubtedly make all the difference.”

One of the first responsibilities of the collective is to evaluate opportunities for diversifying the current training offerings. A partnership between four school service centers is currently being deployed, bringing together aspiring healthcare sector students from all over the region. The implementation of a promotional campaign is also a priority. Under the banner of the “GRANDS PROPULSEURS” this campaign will be rolled out in the coming months both online and on the ground. A toolbox of communication tools has been developed to present this joint initiative.

Here are some examples of the communication tools:

  • Video clips featuring students and center team members

  • Facebook and Instagram Pages, a YouTube channel


  • Conferences on vocational training in Eastern Quebec

The RVTSEQ is a collective that represents vocational training centers in the Lower St. Lawrence, Gaspésie and the Magdalen Islands, which includes the Kamouraska-Rivière-du-Loup, Chic-Chocs, des Îles, des Monts-et-Marées, des Phares, du Fleuve-et-des-Lacs, Réné Levesque school service centers and the Eastern Shores School Board.


Josée Francoeur

Service régional de la formation professionnelle de l’Est-du-Québec

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